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Retro RPG Composer Inspired by FF and Zelda

2013-03-13 02:48:51 by RebeccaTripp

My name is Rebecca Tripp. I live in Canada, and I've been writing music ever since I was twelve. I was particularly inspired by the Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda game franchises, as well as Romantic period classical music medieval and world music, and and I have developed several distinct styles that are derivative of all of these genres. If I had to say that my music was similar to anything, it would be the soundtracks of various SNES and PS1 Japanese RPGs.

It is my dream and mission to write soundtracks for all genres of video games (especially RPGs and Adventure genres) that can inspires another person as much as Nobuo Uemtasu, Yasunori Mitsu, Koji Kondo and many other notorious game composers have inspired me.

I'm looking to be hired as a composer and I'm ready and able to compose a wide array of styles, using several different software and filetypes, whether it's waveform, chiptunes, midi/synth or even live music. My contact info is thus:

Personal Website:
YouTube: e=mhee
Email: or
Bandcamp: c


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2013-04-04 14:29:21

Although I didn't see it, you submitted a video of yourself playing a tin whistle? It's funny, a new member, (such as yourself) asked it be taken down on the grounds it was neither a comedy, drama or artistic piece. I knew when they brought in the video format, there was gonna be sticking points...

In any case, do you have an audio file of that performance here?

RebeccaTripp responds:

I don't have a recording of that on here, but I do have another cover of Saria's Song on here. :)


2014-04-02 16:22:38

Almost a full year before you got back to me lol! Guess this site isn't as active as it could be....